Friday, August 23, 2013

From "summer brain" to "school brain"

I had a big summer. A huge summer. I got married, and I moved to New York City with my husband, where I'll be starting at a new school in less than a week while he begins a master's program at Columbia Teachers College. For two months, my brain has not been in school mode. All I've been thinking about is wedding-related rigamarole and the totally mind-consuming process of packing, moving, changing my name, etc. Up until Tuesday, I hadn't read anything education-related (not even my Twitter feed) or communicated in Spanish or tested new apps since the middle of June. I'm no stranger to "summer brain"--taking a mental break from school for the month of July--but my total detachment from the education world this summer feels deeper than years past. How am I going to get my "school brain" back?