Communicating classroom culture with infographics

by Aaron "tango" Tang via Flickr license
I like simplicity, especially when it comes to class rules. As a high school teacher that meets with multiple classes a day, sometimes in multiple rooms, I need my classroom expectations to be clear, simple and fair. In the past, I've written my rules on a Word document, distributed copies, and taped a copy on the classroom door. BORING! This year, I've chosen a web tool to help me clearly communicate my four "rules" for a positive classroom culture to my students. See my rules and the hip infographic after the jump... 

Piktochart is a free web tool for making infographics that works beautifully for making classroom posters as well. Once I determined my four elements of positive classroom culture (be kind, be honest, be open, be ready), I created a blank infographic on Piktochart and used the built-in icons and text options to make the rules pop. Now I can download or embed these images into a website or document, or print and laminate them to post in the classroom!

Feel free to use these for your own classroom. Find original-size images here and here

I love Piktochart for injecting some fun and color into projects that would otherwise be pretty boring documents. I'll use this tool more this year--I'm creating my course syllabi on Piktochart, thanks to @Sra Spanglish et al--and I'd like to have my students use it as well. Definitely a topic for a future blog post!


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